Grant Notice


The Jackson County Bank as Trustee for the Greater Seymour Trust Fund annually makes funds available for grants that are oriented toward programs in Seymour, Indiana for organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation.

In order for an organization to qualify for consideration of grant funds the organization must have an Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) designation and the funds must be used within the City of Seymour, Indiana. The grant request may be for existing or new capital projects, equipment, technology and the support thereof. This is a one time award for the purposes stated.

Available grant funds are announced after the annual meeting of the Board of Managers of the Greater Seymour Trust Fund. The annual meeting is generally held the second Tuesday of November. At that time a notice is published in the Seymour Tribune and a notice is mailed to a list of organizations which is maintained in the Trust Department. If your organizations would like to receive this notice please contact the JCB Trust Department.

The applications are generally due back to the Trust Department by January 15th and distribution are made in early March. These dates are subject to change.

Should you have any question regarding the application or need further information please call Brandon Hunsley at (812) 524-4411.


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